Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

spiritual wisdom for changemakers

“Amanda’s psychic ability connects her beyond the four corners of the world as we normally see it. She helped me find an entry point for what I was searching for.”

– Longtime client: attorney and international trade expert

“Amanda offers mysticism that is grounded in presence. Her work is infused with practical wisdom and integrity that I experience as rare in a field that is often cluttered with mystical posturing.”

– Client/student: visual artist and healer

What I do

As a natural channel for divine guidance and healing that’s available to us all, my role is to convey messages and the renewing energy your loved ones and guides offer you. Whether you would like a spirit reading or Reiki healing, you’ll receive the wise, caring, and empowering energy that is every soul’s divine right.

In my workshops and retreats, your own spiritual gifts are the focus. Everyone has unique abilities to understand, heal, create, or empower. Participants benefit from other curious and ambitious learners who share a calling to embody their most divine selves in the world. The mission of each course or retreat is to bring greater meaning and purpose to your very real life!

Drawing on my lifelong spiritual path — from confusion and painful challenges to awestruck wonder and miracles — my writing is another way I open up for spirit to convey transformative messages. We are all members of a collective life force that struggles and triumphs together, so your story is mine and mine is yours. I welcome conversation with you!

Hear about how I work

“Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! Everything you said was on point and enlightening … You’ve given me such clarity in places I was struggling. You have an amazing talent and it is impressive to witness.”

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My story

“The story starts in the middle, with the pain like fire …”

What happens when a child hears and feels spirit presence — as recognizable as her own family — but grows up in a culture that tells her no such presence exists?

My physical life crumbled the longer I kept quiet about my way of seeing Life, to the point of a dire medical diagnosis and equally unhealthy relationships. But in that place of despair, new understanding began to flow …

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