Workshops and classes

Never did I dream that I would be so sad to see a six-week workshop end.
Amanda, thank you for your gifts, for leading us, for providing the
space to be vulnerable, for having the vision to create this class. If
the spirit always moves through you in this manner, then our world will
be blessed in ways we cannot imagine.”

Why come together?

Understanding that everything about us and our world is energetic vibration at its core — right down to our very thoughts — Amanda leads groups to build up a collective force for positive change in each participant’s life. When we come together with a divine focus, our power is astounding.

When you try a new kind of exercise, say horseback riding or Taekwondo, you start to feel muscles you “didn’t even know you had” at first, until you gradually get stronger overall. The improvement and specificity in your muscle strength and control readies you to jump into any physical activity with confidence.
FEB. 22 – MAR.29, The DIVINE MUSCLES class is going to work your intuitive and spiritual gifts the same way. At first you’ll experience something you didn’t know you could access … until it becomes second nature and improves everything you do. Learn with other gifted students:
Crucial spiritual habits ~ Spotting/interpreting signs from spirit ~ Simple steps to connect with spirit ~ Steering clear of false messages and negative energy ~ Your specific guides and divine gifts ~ Changing your life with divine guidance
Lake dive - Divine Muscles class

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Group readings

An opportunity to call in spirit presence for the healing and guidance of each person present. Amanda’s small group sessions are for two to four people, and she will tailor a session for your group of five or more people when you reach out through the contact form.

Your own workshop design

A single event or a series including instruction and readings can be tailored to fit a specific group or organization. Contact Amanda with your specific request for a group experience with spirit that will be all your own!