Amanda Edwards

Magic is real … just waiting for you

Ever since I saw for myself how close we actually are to spirit and heavenly life, I’ve realized how much my focus and beliefs have returned to what they were like in childhood — knowing magic and miracles to be very real and regular. I see them every day because I know what to watch for now, but sometimes a blatant WOW shows up, too. The kind to make anyone sit up and notice.

Like last week: I sat among a crowd at a public event, and something I heard stirred up a big emotional weight I was carrying. Perfectly still and attentive on the outside, all of a sudden I was inwardly struggling over old wounds and questions that have shaped my toughest moments. Just when the desperate thought “What am I supposed to do??” rolled through me, a man sitting next to me, whom I’d never spoken to or looked at directly, held out his hand to me and dropped this onto my fingers —


Uhhhh … thank you … ??!

I was confused for only a split second before understanding what was at work in that moment. Because it is the kind of miracle I have been steadily welcoming — now actively calling — into my reality. I looked into my hand and just started to cry silently in grateful amazement while the event carried on around us. (The man who handed me this key only smiled briefly at me before looking ahead again, and he left at the end of the event before I had a chance to say anything to him.)

How did I end up sitting next to this man? How did that perfect timing happen? Where did the key come from, with its stamp that holds endless meaning and references for me?

I could keep asking questions until doubt takes over, but I choose not to for one reason: I want this stuff to keep happening, to keep lighting up my path, to keep delighting me.  See, the best thing I have learned about magic is not only that it really happens in clearly sense-able ways, but that there is a super simple way to get it to show up more in our lives — by knowing we dwell in a universe full of it.

Please understand, I know very well that simple doesn’t always mean easy. Most of life’s truths are simple to grasp as concepts and often so difficult to practice in a pure (and effective) way.  Immediately practicing magical thinking and dream weaving is pretty tough for most adults, especially those of us conditioned by Western culture’s preoccupation with empirical evidence and rationality. I am a product of that skeptical orientation myself, which accounts for my having long buried the imaginative, faithful child I came as.

But while developing as a psychic medium and studying the science and philosophies behind this work, I have gotten a big boost to my belief in miracles — evidence. Doing readings for other people and connecting with spirit to brighten my own path, I get to see all the time that there is no need for doubt.

I have also stopped being careful about using words like “miracle” and “magic” just because I’m a grown-up and grown-ups are supposed to know better.  This language is a daily part of my conversations, and I am not turning away from it. I guess there’s a reason I still hang out at the kids’ table …

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