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Not a career, it’s a path … and you should be on it too

Recently I’ve heard a lot of “How is your new business going?” or “So, tell me about this career of yours!” Then I’ve looked confused at the person for a second, thinking, “Well, I’ve had the same great job at a school for a while now …” until I figure out they want to know about psychic mediumship. And then I think, ah f@#% – here we go.

See, the two things I expected to be hardest about opening up to my psychic ability were: 1. Working through self-doubt to actually do legit readings of psychic energy and non-physical souls; and 2. Talking out loud to people in my life about #1.

And funny thing! The second one is harder. (More soon on how our expectations come true every single time.)

Some conversations I would never have imagined ten years ago: Explaining to well-educated friends that I’m happier than ever because of connecting to spirits. Telling my rheumatologist that I’m focused on moving past my lupus symptoms with mind-spirit work instead of new medication. Defending my intellectual capacity at a family dinner while a loved one argued I was the victim of an obvious scam by my mediumship coach. Then there was debating with a soul-mate friend about whether I should call myself a medium or a mystic or a guru when sharing my journey on a website. Good flippin LORD, who am I??

1117_Edwards_9840So for those who have asked me so kindly and genuinely what it has been like to start readings for people in painful life stages or in deep wells of emotional yearning – I owe you a more composed and confident answer.

My resistance to the “career” or “business” part of the question is easy to explain. I just don’t feel comfortable identifying my exploration that way while I am still figuring out what it means in my life. I chose the word “mystic” when my web consultant needed a heading for me simply because it evokes a questioning path. An openness to many sources and beliefs with primary reliance on the personal contact and experience of spiritual life. But labels of any kind have always bothered me. The words we use are very powerful, and I focus a lot on the meanings I and others assign to them (as an actual career writer/editor, I have to and love to). But so much of what I have felt in touching spirit is beyond words.

Then what? What can I offer anyone who is curious if I can’t precisely describe this immense and beautiful power I am discovering in the universe?

More and more I realize the people who come to me for readings are on the brink of an important discovery about themselves, and I can hold out my hand to them while they start to make it. That’s how it worked for me when I sought out a medium, not even really knowing what I was hoping for. The night after that appointment, I wrote down in a journal, “Nothing will ever be the same again.” And I am grateful down to my toes in a way I can physically feel while I write this – that I was right.

Now to my point that you should be on this path, too. I truly avoid the word “should” as much as possible, but there are a handful of things I now know to apply to all of us, and this concept is one of them. Every single person alive is more expansive than the physical life he or she is living every day. The vast majority of us – especially in a Western, materially oriented life – does not make use of the full power of our nature as spiritual beings. As I study and play with energy, I run into lots of people who are opening up their own unique spiritual abilities and am hopeful. Because whether you are an accountant or a dolphin trainer or a reiki therapist, you will be a better one (and a better partner, parent, friend) when you are using more of your full capacity.

It doesn’t need to be about religion, but it can be. It doesn’t need to be through meditation, but it can be. It doesn’t need to be something you tell anyone else you’re doing, but it can be.

And if you aren’t sure where to start, I’m glad to help you figure that part out.

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