Amanda Edwards

Not what you wanted to hear — still, listen

Lots of people react to mediumship with a fear that I know to be unfounded — the evil spirit concern. They assume psychic mediums dance with a constant danger of calling up some relentless dark presence. That evil is going around asserting itself at any opportunity. Well, evil isn’t. That’s one of about four truths I know in a sea of questions. But a reading with a psychic medium is risky in a different way that not everyone is ready for:

A reading brings up what your soul most needs to hear.

Doors-099For most recipients, the connection to spirit energy in a reading brings uplifting, clearly encouraging messages. I find myself channeling specific details about their lives and relationships that open them to
greater joy. They get healing for old hurts or a glimpse of some wonderful potential on their path. I love sharing those moments.

But sometimes a message doesn’t feel so bright. A presence comes forward with whom the listener doesn’t want to connect (or isn’t the person they were hoping to hear from). Their personal blockages are spotlighted. A painful piece of news is clarified. In any case, it just isn’t what they (nor I, honestly) hoped to receive.

As you could guess, these readings are the hardest to deliver … because I know they’re the hardest to hear. I need a lot of guidance to get it right, and sometimes I can tell I’m not reaching the listener well. They go silent, or they protest the validity of what I’ve said. I close the door or hang up the phone after the reading and sit with a lot of anxiety about my abilities and my role in any discomfort the listener might carry away. I have dreams about it. I question the whole channeling thing all over again.

And then — here’s where I have gotten the greatest rush from this crazy process — a surprising validation can follow those terrible encounters. The daughter in anguish to hear her father was stepping close to his death later shares how ready and present she felt in letting him go. The parent at a miserable juncture emails me after a reading about having made a bold choice for a child with surprising, happy results. The listener facing cancer soon tells me how energized she has become to move past illness.

All of these positive outcomes after a “negative” reading share something fundamental: the listener was bravely open to the difficult message coming his or her way. Observing this pattern has fortified my growing belief in our power to effect transformations in ourselves. Even if the listening is tough, the asking heart is answered, the seeker finds.

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