Session Booking

Spirit connection (mediumship) is Amanda’s gift for communicating with your loved ones, friends, and guides who are released from physical being. She prepares for your session through her unique meditation techniques and conscious shifting of her own energy to meet theirs. She does not need direction or information from you in advance — your best participation is also energetic, by coming with an open mind and heart. Each reading brings out specific and unique guidance for your best path, relationships, and positive power in the world.

Reiki (spiritual energy healing) is a beautiful tradition born in Japan that supports natural wellness of the body with divine energy. Amanda’s Reiki attunement and certification enhance her natural alignment with spirit in her holistic mind/body/spirit sessions to promote your physical healing and ongoing well-being. Though not intended as a substitute for medical care, Amanda’s Reiki work can ease and promote recovery, support equanimity and balance, and provide immense relaxation.

Spirit reading

in-person  |  by phone/Zoom  |  via email

full-hour session

single-question reading, 25 min.

Reiki healing


full-hour session

three-session series

Small group | family spirit reading

for 2-6 people, 90 minutes

in-person  |  by phone/Zoom

In consideration of circumstances due to COVID-19, we will plan for every precaution to support your health and comfort for your session. Upon booking, you will have the opportunity to express your preferences.

For questions about remote vs. in-person sessions and choice of location, please email Travel outside of Los Angeles County will be charged at cost.