Amanda Edwards


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Amanda’s gifts and approach:

“I’m always skeptical when someone claims to have a unique connection to the spiritual world. All the more so if it’s with those who have died and passed into whatever lies beyond our physical, lived lifetimes. While I continue to carry that skepticism with me (and rightfully so!) it is entirely allayed with Amanda. Her warm, welcoming presence is both grounding and uplifting. Her acute and astute awareness of the Mystery that connects us — energies we carry with us and perhaps even beyond us — is undeniable. Every time I leave a session, I seem to go with some simple yet poignant, life-giving observations. It’s almost as if I become haunted by them — but in a good way! Each collected nugget goes with me, serving as a wisdom guide of sorts, helping me find my way with a greater level of consciousness. If nothing else, my encounters with Amanda consistently reassure me: in all my loneliness and pain, I mysteriously know I am not alone.”
“Thank you so much, Amanda! Your reading of everyone was simply stunning and captivating! You are truly talented!” 
“I just wanted to thank you so much for your reading or visions. It was so powerful and has really begun affecting my life in a positive way. Love it! You have a great gift! Thank you.”

“Amanda nailed the last 125 days of a very complex part of my life … just booked another session to see my way out of it! Can’t wait!

“Amanda! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! Everything that you said was on point and enlightening. I most definitely found answers to things that I was uncertain about. You have given me such clarity in places where I was struggling. You have such an amazing talent and it is so impressive to witness, first-hand, your beautiful gift.” 

“Hi, Amanda —
I’ve been meaning to reach out and let you know what a shift I experienced after my reading with you. It was almost instant. Very much needed, thank you! When I fight slipping back into old ways of thinking, I know my glimpse for change is making an impact.


“Amanda offers mediumship that is grounded in presence. Her work is infused with practical wisdom and integrity that I experience as rare in a field that is often cluttered with mystical posturing. She was actively attuning with me and my situation even before I walked in the door. Amanda was wonderfully careful and deliberate with her reading, and continuously graced the lines of human and spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda to others who are seeking to understand themselves and their lives with more fullness.” 

Amanda is amazing! She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease during a reading. She is very approachable, kind and soft spoken. As a psychic intuitive, she was able to give me reassurance and guidance about a work issue which was right on target! She tapped into the specific questions I had and was able to provide me with guidance. I have also had a couple of medium readings with her. Amanda is the real deal!  She is able to reach loved ones and give much needed validation and messages. She provided  information so accurate we were floored!  We were even able to validate some of the information we were unsure about during the reading. I would definitely recommend Amanda without hesitation!”

“I’m really glad I went to my first reading with Amanda. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I received much more than I had anticipated. She was on point with everything. My reading was about my father who passed away. He showed up to Amanda, and she knew things that shocked me! I immediately started to cry because everything was so true and so real. I was able to ask questions after my reading if I wanted to. My most favorite part of this reading was the way Amanda delivered the information to me. It was straightforward but in a very gentle, kind, and nurturing way. Can’t wait to do it again. I’m so grateful!” 

“I messaged Amanda on Facebook to find out more about how she does her readings. I had been looking for someone to give me some guidance, particularly in the last few months because I’ve been working on an emotionally and spiritually challenging project. Amanda got back to me quickly, and since we are on opposite coasts, she offered to do a reading either by phone or email. I opted for email. She explained to me that I would clarify my intention in my heart and mind at some point during the day and then just let it go. She emailed the next day that she had read me that evening and gave me a short summary first to see if she was on the right track. All I told her was she was spot on. She followed up with a longer description of the reading, which again was perfectly relevant and enlightening. I got the clarity I was wishing for. This experience with Amanda was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. She has and is a very special gift. 

“Amanda’s reading was so truthful. The experience was better than I ever expected. It was uplifting for my future.”  

“I am so impressed. The highlight of Amanda’s work was that she was extremely specific with detail about my loved ones. I felt uplifted and inspired by how much she knew.”

“I was fortunate enough to experience Amanda’s clairvoyant gifts. I entered into this experience without any expectations. I had an open heart and mind. When the experience was over, I walked away transformed, reoriented towards clarity. Her reading was extremely specific, accurate, and deeply intuitive and was delivered without judgement. Amanda has spent years cultivating her intuitive nature so that others may gain valuable insight into their precious lives. She approaches this important work with the deepest sense of respect,  gratitude and connectedness. Anyone who is need of such an important, life reorienting service would be in great hands.” 

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