Amanda Edwards

The Silver Owl Group LLC

The Silver Owl Group creates highly accessible programs in sacred mindfulness and spiritual wellness to empower adults and youth to thrive in and lead a post-patriarchal society. Our nonsectarian approach respects the right of everyone to express and enjoy their true and best divine nature, and we believe in engaging the full range of our ancient human gifts to address the most complex modern challenges.

Our team delivers curricula as well as training and supporting organizations — from businesses to schools, nonprofits, and prisons — to provide an effective, holistic model of skill-building that engages the powerful human spirit in everyday tasks and challenges. Every Silver Owl curriculum teaches participants practical tools to thrive beyond limiting toxic patterns by engaging participants’ own divine, balanced nature. Grounded in scientific research and our team’s decades of expertise in mind-body-spirit practices, the programs we offer encourage trust-and-verify participation without demanding adherence to dogma.

Founded by Amanda Edwards in Los Angeles, the company works with collaborators nationwide to ensure high ethical and quality standards, equity across race and gender, and potency of our programs to reach diverse participants. From the consulting stage to design and delivery of an exceptional program tailored to the participant community, The Silver Owl Group unites empowering principles with real efficacy.

The Silver Owl Group’s mission is to ready people for a new paradigm beyond the dismantling of toxic societal systems. We provide firsthand experiences in mind-body-spirit wellness to give participants of Silver Owl programs valuable self knowledge and practical tools for success, regardless of their life circumstances. Our confidence in humanity’s natural abilities to achieve inner balance, operate from a peaceful form of power, and coexist among the planet’s diverse population drives The Silver Owl Group’s content creation and collaborative approach with client partners.


How we work

  • Every Silver Owl program begins with a site and population consultation so that we are able to address the specific and unique needs of each client’s participants.
  • A combination of intuitive, statistical, and logistical factors guide our group’s design of activities for participants to engage the Silver Owl principles: physical empowermentattunement to nature; creative expression; and cooperative relationships.
  • We are particularly mindful of and experienced in a trauma-informed approach to empower participants whose challenges are deeply rooted in past pain.
  • Client organizations have regular and frequent opportunities to review program planning, assessments of progress, and participants’ feedback.
  • We provide follow-up recommendations and offer periodic advising for post-program success of every participant.