Amanda Edwards

Why (and How to) Listen To a Psychic

Anyone who mentions being a psychic or a medium has heard things like:

1 “So who am I going to marry?”
2 “Can you get advice from Albert Einstein?”
3 “Do you pick all the winners at the races?”
4 “Aren’t you scared of evil spirits?”

Lots of people have moved past the preteen-party-game or gypsy-and-crystal-ball images of this field, but for many more,
an understanding of what psychic reading actually is and can do hasn’t developed yet. From my experience on both sides of psychic work and a lot of research from a really skeptical view, I can offer some thoughts for people who’d say psychic mediumship really isn’t their thing.

First and most essentially, we are all primarily energy. candle-540280_1920

“Yeah, yeah, everything is energy. What’s for dinner?” (This is about where my family is on the topic, so no problem if this is you.)

So maybe for now I won’t go into the quantum physics of atomic workings or the ways modern science is demonstrating energetic concepts that ancient philosophers like Socrates knew long ago. (But I totally could … I was a really good student.) The point is that vibrational interactions are the basis of all our functions and perceptions.

What is incredible and significant to me is that most people are walking around without making much of their energetic essence. Until feeling for myself how far being composed of energy allows us to move and act beyond routine, I didn’t consider the science too meaningful to me personally either.

But I started connecting the dots between physical experience and thought-as-energy as soon as spirits shook me awake. And what that connection offers in actualized desires is no less than amazing. Simply by wondering how much closer we are to spirit life than most understand, I have gotten to share in stunning revelations with other people who are also willing to wonder. And it is no exaggeration to say every one of my daily experiences has changed for the better.

So why listen to a (carefully chosen, reputable) psychic? Because you want a translator of the energy in and around you in order to discover how well you are using your humanness to reach what your deeper, larger soulness wants. And how to listen? Actively and deliberately. The greater your energetic commitment to your question, the more powerful the answer. The same goes for every interaction in our lives, really.

Recognize that every person in the room is creating an experience vibrationally, so each person’s conscious commitment through self-awareness adds power. The reason my childhood friends and I could lift one of our group almost to the ceiling using only four fingers and the chant “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” is the same reason my two psychic friends and I do some of our best readings together with a group now.

And a beautiful spirit connection or psychic alignment reading moves life in beautiful ways.

Scholar/philosopher Dr. Jean Houston wrote, “Once the province of the few, the spiritual experience, and within it the mystic path, may now be the requirement of the many — a unique developmental path for self and world.” If you resonate even a bit with those words, you’re ready.

And P.S., if you really want my answers to the above, 1 – For better or worse, you’ll marry a person who best matches your own energetic vibration, so make it good; 2 – Yeah, I consult Einstein sometimes, but it’s personal; 3 – If I were emotionally invested in the horses and riders in a purely positive way, I could pick a winner. But who holds purely positive emotion at the racetrack?; and 4 – No evil spirits. I’m not looking for them, so they aren’t looking for me. See how simply powerful our energy is?

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