Amanda Edwards

You’re trying too hard

Listen to life.
… no, shh! Listen to Life. Don’t strangle it into submission.

If you choose to keep up the battle,
OK, I’ll admit,
It’s a guaranteed mutual win:

On your side, you’ll prove you are right — Life does keep showing you exactly what you expected, every time.

On the side of Life … well, that win is glorious. It says — My forces are steady, sure, consistent, relentless. I will reflect you back to you, no matter what. Don’t you hope I know you best?

And so here’s a good trick, I’ve found (you can try it out tomorrow):

Listen. To life.

I mean Nature, Truth, Love. Let it have its way with you for a day. Let it have its say, speak its mind.

Don’t worry, it will be easy to recognize —

It sounds like YOUR nature, your truth, your love …
when they come in on a wave propelled by Something unseen, unstoppable.

Take a risk and just hush, while you let it speak.

Do it — try it out tomorrow. After a good night’s sleep.

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